Reputation Saviors Innovator SEO Conference 2020-2021: Seminars are Hands-On for 1-5 Day Training Classes covering all-in-one Digital Marketing, ORM, SEO, SMM, Data Removals, Privacy & Legal

About Reputation Saviors Digial Marketing Webinars:

Why us? Reputation Saviors's courses on how to own your “Virtual You” by controlling the message, your data and the Internet at the same time. We have innovated many tried and true techniques for over 25 years that have turned into 1000 different success stories for our customers. Whether its your reputation, brand or company, we show you the real value these techniques from customers.

Training Classes will be taught by Chris Edwards, the founder of Reputation Saviors in 2010, Reputation Saviors in 2018 & DoctorU in 2019. Reputation Saviors “Virtual You” which launched on May 1st 2018 at in response to the privacy and personal data issues revealed at the Facebook Congressional Hearings. This effort by our team has resulted in more avenues, new guidelines and new laws to control your data in 2020; which will be presented in this all-in-one course.

Since the beginning, Repuation Saviors has lead these markets, properly, the first time. In 2012, we produced a DIY program for those who want to do their own ORM or SEO with a 35 page E-Book, Video Tutorials & Vital Trade-Secret Documents. In 2018, we added a live reputation monitoring APP, personal data removals from over 100+ sites, advanced SEO with Google Auto-Suggest controls and legal help with new laws. The 1 day course will include the full presentation of our $500 DIY Kit; which will be provided free to you with your attendance to the class. Our secrets will be shown in a logical and concise order and knowledge transferred to you, your office manager and your webmaster.



Class Course Objectives:

Who is this course designed for:

This course can be taken by Digital marketing, Social media, marketing, website and internet marketing professionals, high profile personalities, business owners, office managers & CEO's.


Preferred basic knowledge of computers, internet browsing, MS office, minor html and minor picture, audio and video editing. If not, you will be instructed how to download and use them in the process of the getting started course.

Dates: Saturday for 1 days, 4 day Mon-Mon for Monthly, Tues-Fri Weekly.

32 Hours Advanced & Comprehensive Training Schedule

Pricing & Guarantee: 25% weeks. Remove person vs business

1 day of 8 hours, is $1000 for a business and $500 for a person. Get a 50% discount for 1 week advanced payment. Get our $500 Personal or $100 Business Reputation Saviors Do It Yourself Kit with your registration.

Full 4 week course is $5000 for a business and $2500 for a person. Get a 50% discount for 1 week dvanced payment. Get our $500 Personal or $100 Business Reputation Saviors Do It Yourself Kit with your registration. The price of your training can be applied directly to a Reputation Saviors yearly campaign or products listed on our website.


Become a certified Internet professional in all areas covered by this course. Certificate of completion.

1 Day Saturday Seminar Itenorary: 3 Separate Events

Sales tool vs DIY Kit – Businesses. Course details.

Morning: How to take control of your “Virtual You”, your data and your market

How to asssess your reputation and how to target your online market

Examples of wrong advice by industry observers and reputation companies (Example)

Reputation Saviors’s “20 Ways to Remove a Yelp” or how to remove data from any website

Evening: Overview of the newest information about the Internet from Privacy, to Meme's to Viral stories to Fake-news and Fake reviews. How to make every post you create become Viral.

Getting started with your DIY Kit with hands on training by claiming and then using your profiles

Q & A with actual problem solving, crafting of take down requests and todo list

4 Day Training Course Outline:

1) Digital Marketing Overview:

Cross Marketing Techniques, Flyers, Cards, TV etc
Research Tools for Competion, Low laying fruit

Website Analytics Software

Campaign Reporting & ROI

2) Reputation Management:

Google Knowledge Panel – Claiming your profiles and connecting them together

Controlling Google

(Controlling the Message)

PR, Pages that Stick

People with same name or unique name

Google public submit page

Click and Search w/links

Dealing with Reviews Websites with a Reputation Management Perspective: How to control where your customers leave reviews and how to facilitate more reviews from customers.

Comment Cards, Reviews Feedback Loop

Chris has unmatched experience in reputation management since 1996 starting at Art Data Interactive.

At, Chris directed IBM Worldwide Marketing to a Befree record for highest average retail sale of $2750; the top performer of 2500 approved affiliates.

Advanced SEO:

- Best practices with the top 10 Google criteria for Off Page SEO

- Best practices with the top 10 Google criteria for On Page SEO

Google Auto-Suggest:

Google Auto Suggest, Controlling, Feeding, Predicting & Directing the GAS

  1. Using and Controlling the GAS for Political Affairs, Events, Future Prospects

  2. Using the GAS to control the suggestions for your personal name

  3. Using the GAS to control the suggestions for your company or brands

  4. Using the GAS for Advanced Search Engine Optimization

  5. Using the GAS for and in your press releases

  6. Using the GAS to control where customers leave reviews

  7. Using the GAS for keyword not found

  8. How to craft your company name and website based on GAS

  9. Real world examples like Janet Jackson & Zenaida Gonzales

  10. Case studies like Disc Jockeys, Perfume Stores & Plastic Surgery

  11. Trump & Biden's use of the GAS issues about candidates

  12. Google blocks political GAS key-word suggestions in April, 2020

  13. How to examples, word of mouth search, posting Google queries, robots

  14. Google Related Searches, Use of Titles, Analyis of Case Studies

Social Media Management (SMM):

How they are used for ORM vs SEO

Liking and following people with the same name, industry etc. Last likes and following.

Hand over text and picture over text

Back-link selection, High quality sites, on sites already appearing in the his/her search results.

How long does it take to …

Fast as possible. Fresh as possible.

Just links already in there.

Proxy's, IP's

How much to update for Google to update profiles. How long does it take.

Google 3-6 weeks behind, not instantaneous but a few that are

Data Removals:

Google cache outdated content

Internet Legal:

Your legal options. How to avoid a Lawsuit, reduce your Insurance Rates to protect your business and investors.

How to sue to reveal reviewer

– How and when to sue Yelp

– Legal Reasons to remove data

– Legal Requests to remove data

– Google Legal & Take-down requests

– Copyright, Trademarks, Patents, Porn

– DCMA & Legal Issues

Privacy Laws Compliance Issues:

Get a Reputation Saviors Privacy Shield Profile Training Certification

Reputation Saviors Affiliate Program:

Make money from your profiles, your websites and your data

Track down potential attackers if they click on your links. Troll trap.

Become a Reputation Saviors Guru or Digital Marketing Professional

Privacy & Security:

Google Privacy Settings

All settings on SMM

Issues revealed at the Facebook Hearings

Cross tracking. Facebook pixel. Apps. Anonymity. Softwares.

DoctorU Computer Training:

Starting your DoctorU Protection Plan:

We show you how to immediately get more Reviews and more Referrals than your competitors while sucuring the future success of your practice.


Chris Edwards

Reputation Savior Inc