EXAMPLES - Search Engine Optimization

Reputation Saviors uses online search engine techniques to optimize your website, each of your existing website listings and new listings for target keywords related to your unique situation and industry. Each page is optimized by hand using the experience of creating hundreds of listings on these websites for our previous and existing customers.

We have proven 1st Page placements for keywords such as ?Comparison Shopping? as early as 2002 and ?Home Loans? in 2005. Reputation Saviors has hundreds of 1st Page placements for our customers at any given time. See our Examples section for current 1st Page placements.

Past & Current ORM & SEO Examples:

) Rox Spa - The Mia Khalifa video of her hydrafacial at Rox Spa, Beverly Hills now ranks #1 in Google Places, and #1 in YouTube for the top localized Google Autosuggest keyword phrases relating to ?Hydrafacial Treatment Beverly Hills, CA?.

) Perfume Palace - This multiple location company tasked us with getting listed in the local directories and search engine optimization. The perfume store ranks #1 in Google Places, Apps & Maps, and has 6 other links appearing on page 1 for the top Google Autosuggest key-word phrase ?perfume store Overland Park, KS?.

) GoBlenzz - This is a new Juice Bar in Lampasas, TX. The website, video's and social media profiles ranks #1-4 for the top Google Autosuggest phrases ?Juice bar lampasas? and ?Smoothies Lampasas, TX?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) / VirtualU Privacy-Shield Examples:

1) Dr Goux - The good doctor moved offices from another state and needed to remove an old negative story from Google. The old story no longer appears in Google. He then tasked us to create all his new personal and buseinss profiles; normalize old profiles to the correct information for his new practice in his new location. The Google Autosuggest was also suggesting the wrong city, and state; and therfore had to be corrected.

2) A. Rivers & NettFifty Catering - The good pastor was attacked by a random person on a complaint site. This prevented her from moving forward with her other businesses. The complaint site link has been removed from Google. We are tasked to manage Annette's new catering restaurant by getter Nett Fifty presence in the local directories, restaurant sites, social media, reputation monitoring and search engine optimization.

3) M. Gelovich - His minor arrest was reported on by 13 different news sources appearing in Google; mugshot sites and public records. Using our reputation management service, VirtualU Privacy-Shield take-down requests and personal data removal service; we were able to diminish, filtered by Google, removed from the source and removed from the Google cache, until all 13 negative reports disappeared.

4) Voyagers Enterprises - This new business had no negative issues. They needed a reputation protection plan where the company needed to fill the search results with profiles relating to the new company name ?Voyagers Enterprises LLC?; be able to be found in Google; and have places where customers can leave reviews; but also where the company has control of the reviews or comment box.

5) H. Arielle - This Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader called upon us to manage negative information appearing on unscrupulous blogs. We managed to diminsh the negative links and called upon our Internet Lawers to ask Google to remove the links under a DCMA request. All negative links were permenantly removed.

6) M. Bollong - The good lady had a slanderous post that appeared for searches for her personal phone number. We were tasked to diminsh, remove and apply privacy-shield to her personal data. No negative information currently appears for her personal phone numbers. References to her personal address and pictures of her have been removed from the Internet.

7) Pacific Domes - We were tasked to diminish and remove a competitor that was appearing in Google under searches for the Pacific Domes brand name, copyright and trademarks.

8) S. Genslinger - We were tasked at diminishing or removing 8 negative reports by an attacker that appeared at #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8. Today, all negative reports have been diminshed or removed.

9) Disc Jockeys - We provide Reputation protection, live monitoring, Yelp removals, Privacy-Shield personal data protection and removal service. SEO. Google Auto Suggest management. Disc Jockeys currently has the #1 Google Suggestion across the world, when users type in just "Disc Jockeys"...

Quotes from Customers:

?Awesome? - Dr Calvert

?Genius?, ?I love it? - Dr Goux

?Great job!? - Dr Sanford


To replace the Title and Description text for negative links showing up in the search results.


These Reputation Management Examples show how Reputation Saviors removes or replaces the Title text and Description text of unwanted links that show up in the search results:

Google Auto Suggest

Google Auto Suggest is the keyword search suggestion function of Google. We help replace the suggestions of keywords such as ?your name? + ?complaints?, ?scam?, ?bankruptcy? with suggested keywords such as your name + ?coupon? in order to direct web visitors to more beneficial information.


To replace the top Google suggested phrases from ?Beverly Diamonds Complaints?, ?Beverly Diamonds Scam? to ?Beverly Diamonds Coupon? and ?Beverly Diamonds Los Angeles?


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